A generative crate digging project designed to capture the infinite joy of flipping through obscure electronic music on vinyl.

There're few things more enjoyable than digging through records looking for something new, exciting and unexpected. There's an joy in the anticipation of dropping the needle to see if the music lives up to the promise of the song name and cover design.

This is an experimental generative project that explores the relationship between cover design, naming and electronic music and looks to create an infinite digital crate that can be searched for gems. There's no AI at work here, the system is designed with an artistic and musical vision to create Beautiful Mistakes within interesting parameters as a way of exploring creative possiblilites.

This is in constant development and I'm always on the lookout for interesting collaborations so please give me a shout if you see anything you like.

Featured Artists

Short demos of some of the best examples from Beautiful Mistakes.

Weak by District

Downtempo Psychedelic

Tranquil Unpredictablity by Heart Language

Downtempo Electro

Japan by Gigantic

Experimental Japanese Ambient

Virtual by Zarran Keeper

Minimal Techno

Kevyn by Kevyn

Experimental Ambient

Halftone by Future


Visitor Velodrome by Memorable

80s Synth-pop

The Yago Epitome by Empire Ebb

Electronic Soundtrack

Uplift by Uncertainty Upstairs


How it works

The Beautiful Mistakes software has two parts. A generator that brings together cover visuals with titles and a music generator. Nothing that is output is altered afterwards. The fun bit is digging through and identifing which music goes best with each cover.

Graphic elements and photos are combined using generative compositional and colour theory rules.

These are then combined with type generated using sets of typographic rules.

Then obscure band name and song names are generated through random word selection and grammar rules.

Music is generated using Max for Live, a flexible and powerful way of generating music with code.

The custom built software creates song spaces and compositions that are output to musical instruments.

The music is played by a stack of physical instruments which are programmed and sequenced by the software.

Then the fun bit is digging through and bringing the right music and cover together.

“The point ... was to make music with materials and processes I specified, but in combinations and interactions that I did not.”

Brian Eno on generative music, from A Year With Swollen Appendices.

More Examples

There are some more experimental and unusal combinations in here.

Ironclad by Stockade

Experimental Noise

Fertile Dazzling Xylophone by Tim

Marimba Freakout

How 80s by Reload Brown

80s Bass Nostalgia

Honorable by Quilt


Broad by Quarterly

Uplifting Electronic

Mantel by Modernist

Acid Techno

Armonica by Superficial Gravity

Trip Hop

Show Andante by Red Stag Acid

Acid Techno

Potential Plantation by Mere Pivotchart

Rediscovered 80s Corporate Soundtrack

Round by Jasper Real

Minimal Techno

Probe by Luke Lotus

Melodic Electronic

Tan Hills by Poolside Ghost


Few by Judgement


7th Drama by Nathan D

Orchestral Glitch

Vivid by Dr. Aufgang


Corrupt by Coherent Justice

Coming Soon

Bubblz by Dr Puddles

70s Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Flung by Formation Functioning

Chilled Electronic

Hourglass by Red


Fifth by Fence

Downtempo Electronic

Gong Taken by Angels by Mr. Balcony Birch

Experimental Ambient

Regal by Regal

Ambient Electronic

Jittery by DJ Herbs

Downtempo Psychedelic

Forthright by Ayomide Ideation


And there's more to come...

This is a constantly evoloving project. I'm working on making the music more structured at the moment so the generator produces tracks rather than smaller snippets of music. And looking at producing real vinyl for the best tracks.

Contact me

If you find this interesting please feel free to email me. I'm always interested in talking collaboration, possible applications etc...